In the News: Our Lice Response in The Baltimore Sun

We have said it time and again, and this time we got our microphone. Parents – Lice is not your fault!!! In response to the commentary Lice In The Chipmunk’s class, One Dad’s Story in the, I am provided the platform to truly inform. My featured lice response to Chipmunk’s Dad posted in the,  Dealing With Lice? Don’t Be Embarrassed is my tome to parents everywhere who feel deflated. There is no need to be alarmed, just informed.

What Mr. Levitt described as a “gut punch” to hearing the news that his pre-schooler had been sent home with lice is a parent’s worst nightmare. Even more nightmarish is the money needed to shell out to the “Lice Lady.” An expense many of us cannot afford. And the alternatives are not great either. Over the years the once easy to use lice shampoo took care of our kids’ itchy heads, but now with added immunities, a super lice monster attacks our wallets and our pride as we take our kids out of school. Stronger, more toxic chemicals have been developed kill these super lice, but most parents want safer, more natural options than dousing our kids with pesticide.

What is the safest way to remove lice from my child’s head? The most effective lice products contain dimethicone. Dimethicone is a man-made oil made from petroleum which is non-toxic and pesticide-free and kills lice in five minutes.

Lice and nits left behind

Center for Lice Control recognizes that in reality, it takes a few treatments with a Dimethicone based product and an effective nit comb to guarantee success. The first day is the busiest with the most combing and a little house-cleaning. Then 2 simple follow up treatments (just 2 more applications over the next 12 days) to make sure the life cycle has been defeated.

What you need to be successful are:

• A good safe product to kill the bugs
• A great comb to remove the nits
• Thorough instructions for a complete treatment plan
• Weekly combing head checks after this round of lice has been defeated

Investing in a good safe lice treatment kit like the KaPOW! Lice and Nit Battle Kit is money well spent. Center for Lice Control teaches you how to do a head check and offers you a good proactive plan for the future with an effective safe treatment. The KaPOW! Lice and Nit Battle Kit was des to detect, treat and deter head lice on your own. CLC provides the best tools and safest solution for everyone in your family from infants or if you’re pregnant. The KaPOW! Battle kit contains the same professional grade products the CLC has used to defeat lice for thousands of families with our in-home lice service.