It’s Not Your Fault!!

Sadly, we say this a lot. It’s not your fault. We say it to upset Moms and deflated Dads. When you have head lice and you buy the over-the-counter lice treatments in good faith and you follow the directions only to find you still have lice a day, week or 2 weeks later. We’d estimate about 70% of the people we’ve treated for lice at the Center for Lice Control try treating on their own first before they feel they need a lice service. As you can imagine, parents are so upset, frustrated, and defeated when they use the pesticide, comb for hours, day after day, and do a tremendous amount of house cleaning and they find they haven’t won the lice battle. Parents tell us they are inept or they must have missed something. They are so defeated. This makes me so sad that a concerned and engaged parent feels like they have failed their family because they’ve followed every direction on the products (and most people do even more) and they still have a lice problem. We’re here to tell you: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT!!!

Lice and nits left behindWhy is it not your fault? Unfortunately, most OTC and even prescription lice products do not work as well as they need to and certainly not as well as the makers claim. The September 2014, Consumer Reports did a report on How to Get Rid of Head Lice with the consistent message that the pesticide treatments that contain permethrin are much less effective at killing the bugs and nits. Consumer Reports tested and did recommend lice products containing Dimethicone (like KaPOW! lice products) over any others. Even combing with a good nit comb would add value to the process, but too often the combs provided in OTC lice kits are abysmal – they are not constructed to properly comb out the nits effectively. So the outcome is that even if you follow the directions and do so much work combing and house clean, etc., the consumer will only be about 40% effective because they did not have the best tools or an effective product to make them successful. It’s time to get these products off the self and stop causing lice outbreaks so people will buy more lice products.

Lice are a parasite and our heads are their environment. It’s not a quick and easy solution, plus the nits were not all laid in one day. People often have had lice for 3-6 weeks before anyone even knows it’s there. So it will take more than 1 day to get rid of an infestation unless you sit and comb for hours and hours and even then there is no guarantee. However if you usNit Life Cyclee a Dimethicone based product properly you are no longer contagious in just seconds after applying product to the hair and with perfectly timed follow up you’ll eliminate the threat of re-infestation.

Center for Lice Control recognizes that in reality it takes a few treatments with a Dimethicone based product and an effective nit comb to guarantee success. The first day is the busiest with the most combing and a little house-cleaning. Then 2 simple follow up treatments treatments (just 2 more applications over the next 12 days) to make sure the life cycle has been defeated.

What you need to be successful are:

• A good safe product to kill the bugs
• A great comb to remove the nits
• Thorough instructions for a complete treatment plan
• Weekly combing head checks after this round of lice has been defeated

Investing in a good safe lice treatment kit like the KaPOW! Lice and Nit Battle Kit is money well spent. Center for Lice Control teaches you how to do a head check and offers you a good proactive plan for the future with an effective safe treatment. The KaPOW! Lice and Nit Battle Kit was designed to detect, treat and deter head lice on your own. CLC provides the best tools and safest solution for everyone in your family from infants or if you’re pregnant. The KaPOW! Battle kit contains the same professional grade products the CLC has used to defeat lice for thousands of families with our in-home lice service.