House Cleaning Tips

While house cleaning is important, keep your priorities straight. Lice is spread from head to head. Focus on the people and heads affected first. Be patient with the comb out before you even tackle house cleaning. Your house is not the source of the infestation and you only need to clean after the first treatment.


1. Bring a pot of water to a boil. Clean out hair from combs, brushes and hair accessories. Place into the hot water and let soak for 1 minute.

Boil hair combs and brushes

2. Put cloth items that will fit into the dryer on high heat for 30 minutes.This includes bed linens, stuffed animals, coats/jackets, hats, scarves and throw pillows or blankets.

put cloth items in dryer

3. Other cloth surfaces that may have been in direct head contact, with someone with lice in the past 3 days, should be vacuumed, lint rolled or covered with a sheet for a few days.These include: cloth furniture, carpets where heads have been, large pillows and bean bag chairs.

Vacuuming lice from pillows

4. Car seats and headrests should be vacuumed, lint rolled or covered with a pillowcase for 3 days.

Getting rid of lice in car seat

5. Hats, helmets, wigs and costumes that have been worn within 3 days should be placed in a freezer overnight and then wiped clean with a damp cloth or lint-roller.

Use freezer to get rid of lice

6. There is no need to stuff everything you own into trash bags. If you can’t put it in the dryer or vacuum it — don’t use it for 3 days.

using a dryer to combat lice